Urban Sketchers Poland

Urban Sketchers Poland

WHO WE ARE? We are a group promoting sketching on location in urban spaces, bringing together drawing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Urban Sketchers is a grassroots initiative that is implemented around the world, and its cradle is Seattle.

WHAT WE DO? We sketch the world around us using all available techniques, based on direct observation and the experience of being in a given place. We publish our works on the Internet and support each other in creative development, creating a unique international community.

FOR WHOM? Our drawing meetups are for everyone, regardless of age, opinions and skills - all you need is to like to draw (or paint). We want to show the world seen through our eyes, one sketch at a time.

We sketch in the spirit of our manifesto.

Information about meetings and other events organized by us can be found here.

Urban Sketching Festival

Once again, we invite Urban Sketchers to Świdnica! The second Urban Sketching Festival will take place on August 12-15, 2023 and we will do our best to make it as good - or better - than last year. This time we are planning even more different workshops to choose from, conducted by Polish and foreign instructors. There will also be sketch-walks, lectures, exhibitions, various competitions, goodies and stands with art materials. And all this in the beautiful surroundings of the historic Świdnica city and in a friendly, creative atmosphere created by you - the participants. Our festival is not only about sketching, but it is also an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and knowledge. Join us and meet the international community of Urban Sketchers.

We encourage you to follow the festival's Facebook page (@urbansketchingfestival) and our Instagram profile (@uskpoland), where news related to the event in Świdnica will appear. Registration for the festival and workshops will start in June. We also invite you to our group Urban Sketchers Poland on Facebook, where we share sketches made on location on a daily basis.


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You can find information about the last year's festival here.

Photos from the festival:
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Photos can be downloaded from here.

How to get to Świdnica

If you travel by public transport, the easiest way to get to Świdnica is via Wrocław. You can easily get to Wrocław from all over Europe:

In Wrocław, go to the Main Railway Station (Wrocław Główny) and buy a ticket to the Świdnica Miasto station from there. Connections to Świdnica are operated by Koleje Dolnośląskie. Railway connections Wrocław - Świdnica can be checked (in several languages) at koleo.pl - online tickets are also available there (after registration).

You can buy a paper ticket at the Wrocław train station - ticket machines are located in the square in front of the main entrance (the northern one, from the city center side). Inside the station there is one machine at the main entrance next to the stairs to the parking lot, and three at the southern entrance behind the ticket offices. Tickets can also be purchased at ticket offices (the staff does not necessarily speak English, we recommend machines or online purchase).

If you come to Wroclaw by bus, the main train station is on the opposite side of the street from the bus station exit. The city bus 106 runs from the airport to the station (every 15 minutes, the journey takes approx. 40-50 minutes).

The building of the Main Railway Station from the main entrance side is very nice, it is worth sketching while waiting for transfer.

If you are traveling by car, Google maps or Maps.me (also working offline) will certainly help you.

If you have more than 4 days, we encourage you to visit Wrocław and other numerous attractions in Lower Silesia (e.g. Książ Castle, Czocha Castle, Church of Peace in Jawor, Riese complex, etc., the list is quite long).

See you in Świdnica!


Urban Sketchers is a non-profit organization and it's mission is to raise the artistic, storytelling, and educational value of on-location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people worldwide who draw on location where they live and travel.

Urban Sketchers Poland is a local chapter of this organization, and its goal is to spread the above mentioned values and ideas in Poland.

More information: www.urbansketchers.org