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Urban Sketching Festival

The first Urban Sketching Festival took place in August 2022 in the beautiful city of Świdnica, Poland. This event was supported by the international Urban Sketchers organization. USk Poland received the USk Regional Event grant, as one of five rewarded chapters around the globe.

The festival lasted 4 days (11-14 August 2022) and was full of attractions. Two exhibitions, four workshops, lectures, art materials fair, mobile art equipment rental, testing of Aquarius watercolors at Roman Szmal's stand, competitions, treasure hunt, sketchwalks - participants could not get bored! Some of them even complained about the excess of activities :)

Many from 150 festival participants came to us not only from Poland, but from all over Europe, and even beyond! In addition to focusing on sketching, the festival has also become an opportunity to make many new contacts and acquaintances. It was also a promotion for the city of Świdnica and for our country - some of the participants came to Poland for the first time on this occasion.

The organizers of the festival were the admins of USk Poland: Justyna Wojnowska, Dora Pindur and Kasia Kosiak, as well as Marta Ciućka from the Świdnica Cultural Center, who provided enormous logistical and artistic support. The sponsors did not hesitate to give many gifts to the festival participants, providing articles for goodie bags and competition prizes.

The workshops instructors were: Justyna Wojnowska (Poznań), Adam Michen (Mysłowice), Jan Vitek (Prague) oraz Krzysztof Ludwin (Kraków).

Our special guest was Mohan Banerji from USk executive board, who gave a lecture on his sketching experience and did a live broadcast with us. Another, longer live on insta was hosted by our friend based in Toronto, Marek Badzynski, together with a renowned Polish painter Krzysztof Ludwin, who was with us in Świdnica. They did a great show, sketching together the Church of Peace and telling the viewers (in Polish and English) about its history, the festival and many other things. (You can find the recording of this live on @uskpoland profile and here.

We would like to thank all the participants for coming to Świdnica and taking part in our festival - without them that event wouldn't have happened.

Photos from the festival (by Piotr Dutkiewicz, Wojciech Skislewicz and Dora Pindur) can be found in this Google folder.

We also recommend seeing two video reportages made by our volunteer filmmaker Tomasz Kowal from Koval Sketchbooks. The short video on USk Poland YT channel:

The long video on Tomasz's YT channel:

Save the date for the next edition of the Urban Sketching Festival in Świdnica: Aug 12-15, 2023. Let’s meet again in Poland!

Official Festival Program 2022

August 11, 2022 - Thursday

August 12, 2022 - Friday

August 13, 2022 - Saturday

August 14, 2022 - Sunday

🎨 - during the events marked with this symbol, a mobile rental of art materials by Paleta Art was available.

During the entire festival, you were be able to see an exhibition of drawings of Polish Urban Sketchers at the Photography Gallery of the Świdnica Cultural Center. Sketches made during the festival were also be included.

Roman Szmal's stand was be available in the Photo Gallery, where you could test Aquarius watercolors.

The Terms and Conditions of the festival can be found here.

Organizers: Urban Sketchers Poland, Świdnica Cultural Center and the international organization Urban Sketchers.

Festival Map

Festival sponsors:

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How to get to Świdnica

If you travel by public transport, the easiest way to get to Świdnica is via Wrocław. You can easily get to Wrocław from all over Europe:

In Wrocław, go to the Main Railway Station (Wrocław Główny) and buy a ticket to the Świdnica Miasto station from there. Connections to Świdnica are operated by Koleje Dolnośląskie. Railway connections Wrocław - Świdnica can be checked (in several languages) at koleo.pl - online tickets are also available there (after registration).

You can buy a paper ticket at the Wrocław train station - ticket machines are located in the square in front of the main entrance (the northern one, from the city center side), and inside there is one machine at the main entrance next to the stairs to the parking lot, and three at the southern entrance behind the ticket offices. Tickets can also be purchased at ticket offices (the staff does not necessarily speak English, we recommend machines or online purchase).

If you come to Wroclaw by bus, the main train station is on the opposite side of the street from the bus station exit. The city bus 106 runs from the airport to the station (every 15 minutes, the journey takes approx. 40-50 minutes).

The building of the Main Railway Station from the main entrance side is very nice, it is worth sketching while waiting for transfer.

If you are traveling by car, Google maps or Maps.me (also working offline) will certainly help you.

If you have more than 4 days, we encourage you to visit Wrocław and other numerous attractions in Lower Silesia (e.g. Książ Castle, Czocha Castle, Church of Peace in Jawor, Riese complex, etc., the list is quite long).

See you in Świdnica!